02: Rhein-Main-Cruiser


Our interest in hot rodding, Customs, Muscle & American Classis Cars startet for many in the mid 70ties at the „Horst“.
The Hanau-Auto-Racing-Association at the US Army Fliegerhorst Erlensee held one´s a month a  quartermile drag race event at their airfield since 1968.
Many Rhein-Main-Cruiser Members visited this Event as a teenager.
The Rhein-Main-Area was a pretty american area. Lots of army and air force bases were located around Frankfurt, germany

Rhein-Main Cruiser is a get together from American & German Hot Rod, Custom and Classic Car enthusiasts. Everything started in the late 70-ties when american soldiers out of the local Rhein-Main Air Base and Frankfurt US-Army Bases met German US Car enthusiasts at lokal US-Car meetings. First frequent meetings were held at MC-Donalds in Frankfurt a.M. . The friday night cruise attracted many US Car owners out of the Rhein-Main-Area. The name Rhein-Main-Cruisers was formed.

With the beginning of the 80ties the RMC-Group held the first big US Car Meeting in Germany. – The American Grafitti Night 1. The events who was held downtown Frankfurt was a big succes. Two years later a second Event ( American Grafitti Night-II ) was held with a big support from the US-Army at the lokal PX Shopping center. It was the biggest event in this kind ever downtown frankfurt.

In the mid 80ties US Car events were grown in Germany. The RMC did not held an own big event again. The main interest of the RMC´s was to drive to us-car meetings in Germany and Europe and have fun there.

In the 90ties more and more Street Rods showed up at the club. Most cars who hit the scene till 1994 were turn key Hot Rods out of Rod & Custom car shows from Florida and California. At this time the German Street Rod Association was also formed. ( Two out of the seven founding members were Rhein-Main-Cruiseres.) For more GSRA Info check: www.gsra.de

The Rhein-Main-Cruisers is a get together from us-car enthusiast with no rules and due´s like a regular Club organisation. In the Rhein-Main-Cruiseres Organisation, everybody is the president.

Currently there are around 70 members in the organisation who own over 200 Cars.

Most cars are in the pre 1969 area. Most members live in the city´s between Wiesbaden,

Frankfurt a.M., Darmstadt and Mannheim.

Rhein-Main-Cruisers and Goodguys Member Germany are the same organisation.

Weekly meetings are held now every friday – 8.30pm in Darmstadt at the Burger-King & Pizza Hut – Eschollbrücker Straße.

Check our event-calendar !!.

Keep on cruising ………….. R.M.C./ G.M.G.